Human Resources

Northeastern Conference Human Resources affirms its commitment to the Gospel Commission by providing Northeastern Conference employees a wide array of professional services in the areas of employee relations, personnel data management, training and development, and employee services.

It remains a high priority of NEC Human Resources to assist in creating effective policies, practices, and a mutually acceptable alliance between the Northeastern Conference and those who work within the organization. Therefore, NEC HR offers leadership in providing:

  • A workplace atmosphere where the Christian work style and lifestyle is exemplified.
  • Practical methods which assist departments in making sound employment-related decisions.
  • In-house processes and programs that promote fairness, consistency, equity, and in the work place.
  • Open lines of communication with staff and administration alike.
  • Opportunities for staff skills enhancement and training.

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For interested candidates, please download and read the job description below. The deadlines for applications/resume' submission is June 20, 2018. Send to Rosemarie Brady, NEC Human Resources at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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